folderDutchpro is one of the pioneers (“old school of Amsterdam”) and still the sole company & supplier from nutrients founded and based in Amsterdam. More than 30 years ago we started to develop our first nutrients.

We designed a complete line of nutrients that met all demands and could fulfill all wishes of the modern grower. After small scale production we went commercial and nowadays our award winning products are available nationwide in most European countries, USA & Canada. The demand for our user friendly product line increased enormously in a very short time and is at present one of the strongest upcoming brands. We are convinced that you will appreciate getting a better end result with a much lower investment and the use of fewer bottles.

The production, marketing and sales are operated directly out of Amsterdam.

We dispatch our products straight from our warehouses in The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Spain, UK, USA & Canada. Our warehouse in the UK is centrally located, you can order direct and all our products are usually supplied on a next day delivery basis within the UK and within two days in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

To complete our product range we launched our own range of Dutchpro Seeds and our seed displays and products are available in garden centres. Our products can be used for all kind of plants but we can only guarantee that you will achieve the best results if you use our nutrients in combination with our vegetable, fruit, herbs and flower seeds.